Stories from the Sword Coast

Redbrands Red-faced by Red Demon

There's a new Sheriff in town...

From the Journal of Pazlo Cobbletoes

We enter the Stonehill Inn and immediately see Walter McClintock perched at a table with Sildar, sharing conversation and a warm ale together. I buy the table a round of drinks while Sildar explains that Gundren appears to have been taken by the Black Spider (a brigand of some reputation) for his map that shows the location of the Wave Echo Cave. Sildar explains that this cave system is actually a set of mines that is said to hold a forgotten forge of great power (Phandelvars Pact).

I head over and talk to the innkeeper, Toblen Stonehill, and discern that the Townmaster of Phandalen is one Harbin Wester. I also discovery that the Dwarven Brothers of Gundren have not been seen recently and that they should have be here by now as they were to meet up with their brother here at the Inn. I also manage to overhears some of the gossip going on around town.

  • A miner (named Lamar) tells of orc raiders out on the Triboar Trail and that the Townmaster is looking for a group to run them off.
  • Overhear a conversation between a small boy named Pip (the innkeeper’s son) talking to his mum about “Carp says he saw a secret tunnel”. I later talk to the boy and offer a silver coin to tee up a meeting with Carp the next day. I find out that Carp is a young halfling and his surname is Alderleaf.
  • Talk around the room is also about a group of brigands, calling themselves the Redbrands. These Redbands are running riot in the town and taking law into their own hands. The Townmaster appears to be doing nothing about it.

Satanas is shocked that nothing is being done about this threat and upon hearing of the recent actions of these brigands, wants to know whether the Redbrands have ever attacked the Shrine of Tymora. He says not so quietly If they have, I will make them sorry!

The Innkeeper’s wife rushes over with more food to placate the situation and answers some of the questions for us in relation to what she knows of the Redbrands. She says the Redbrands run the Sleeping Giant Inn (a tap house in the eastern part of town) and do not come here.

Satanas decides to make his presence felt at the Sleeping Giant Inn and declares in front of the whole crowd that “Let it be known that these Redbrands will no longer be threatening this town in the manner that they have!” (maybe not in these exact and less abrasive words….hehehehe) and assertively strides out of the Stonehill Inn to deal with the matter. That is not what I said! I said the Redbrands would pay (Satanas)

As one we headed towards the Sleeping Giant Inn, with myself and Raiden moving into the shadows while Satanas and Kano steadily approach. I can hears lots of noise from the tap house and notice a cloaked figure darting in the main door before heading to the rear of the building to check the back entrance. Inside I can see a female dwarf behind the bar and also notes a group of 5 people just leaving the through the front entrance (4 humans in grimy scarlet cloaks and 1 other in a hooded cloak; the person i saw dash into the taproom a few minutes earlier).

Deciding to sneak back around the front I determine what this new group is going to do. Satanas walks right up to the group and is forthright and firm in his request to know whether they have desecrated the Shrine of Tymora or similarly hurt any of their devout worshipers. The speaker of the group identifies themselves as part of the Redbrands and laughs off any notion of declaring anything to Satanas. He states that some people get hurt and some people don’t, it depends on a number of factors, shrugging and looking smug. It was enough to provoke Satanas into action there was never any doubt there would be action, only when it happened was up for debate (Satanas) and catches the Redbrands off guard with his flaming burning hands.

Kano swings into the melee and also takes a hit in the close quarter combat. I stay in the shadows trying to determine where the fifth member with the hooded cloak could be, while Raiden shoots another dead. Meanwhile Satanas casts a summoned missile at the leader and takes him out. Kano uses some quick thinking and knocks out the last man standing in order to interrogate him for questioning.

The female dwarf comes running out of the Inn while the other patrons are in shock. Satanas makes it clear to the dwarf that the Redbrands will not be running the city any longer as she turns back around and throws a tirade at her customers and tells them that the Inn is closing for the night. We all move the bodies off the road and drag the unconscious Redbrand off to the Townmaster’s Hall. On the way we pass by the Stonehill Inn and see Walter outside and he leads a rousing cheer with the other townsfolk for our efforts in dealing with the Redbrands.

At the Town Hall we find a notice next to the front door; “Reward for Orcs at Wyvern Tor”. Satanas raps on the door to request demands!!(Satanas) an audience with the Townmaster. Harbin Wester slowly opens the door and is immediately shocked when he sees the unconscious form of the Redbrand in our custody. He instantly begins babbling “what you have you done?” and ushers us all inside as quickly as possible and into his customary meeting room. Harbin pours himself a drink (and I help myself to one as well) and offers Satanas one. Raiden stays outside in the shadows, in case of any reprisals from the Redbrands.

Satanas requests the prisoner be put in a holding cell and Harbin agrees and gives a key to Kano and directs him to the back end of the Hall. Harbin continues to babble “things can be put right”, “there is a solution to this” “I’m sure Glasstaff could…..”. I overhear this Glasstaff name and query the Townmaster. Harbin tells us that Glasstaff is the name of the leader of the Redbrands.

Satanas requests for us to be deputised to enforce law and order in the town so that we can deal with the Redbrands. Harbin ponders the situation and believes that this solution might just work. He advises us that the Redbrands are responsible for the missing wife and child of Thel (the woodcutter) who spoke out vehemently against the brigands. We talk about what other members of the town can be called upon to form a militia group to quell any reprisals from the Redbrands (if necessary). Harbin explains that there are a couple of people we could talk to

  • Harleia Thornton of the Miner’s Exchange (appears not to be troubled by the brigands)
  • Dareen Edamath – Retired adventurer on the outskirts of town.
  • We also believe Sildar could play a significant role in the up and coming events.

Harbin says he will require witness signatures from the other key council members to make the deputation process enforceable. He requests that we gather Toblen, Garella and Elma here as soon as possible. Raiden and I go to the Stonehill Inn to request Toblen’s presence and we also recruit Sildar’s services at the same time. Kano and Satanas go to Garella’s house and explain the situation to her and to enlist her services, for the witnessing and for some minor first aid for Kano.

On the way back we all meet up again with our escorted personnel in tow, at the Shrine of Tymora, and continue towards the Town Hall. We reach the door and just as Satanas is about to knock, he and Raiden notice movement on the rooftop of the woodcutters hut which is directly opposite the Town Hall.

Satanas casts a magical firebolt in that direction, while Raiden lets loose an arrow of his own. Whilst neither come to bear in the victim, it is enough of a distraction to cause the assassin to miss his target, for when the Townmaster opens the door, a bolt slams into the framing right in front of his eyes (the bolt appeared to have some type of poison or acid on it). Harbin squeals and slams the door shut, but upon hearing the protestations from the everyone outside he opens the door quickly to usher the council members in.

Outside, Kano is even quicker to react and runs at swift speed directly for the woodcutter’s hut and in a single powerful leap grabs hold of the roof edging and acrobats to the top. Standing in front of the shocked attacker, he hurls a dart at him and scores a direct hit, and then rushes forward again before the assassin can re-adjust. However, the assassin is just as quick and pulls two weapons out and tries to cast a spell on Kano. Kano shrugs it off and strikes back in an opportunity attack with his staff to knock the attacker off the edge of the roof. The assassin hits the ground hard, breaking his arm and lies there stunned.

Just as Raiden and I get to the corner of the building, we see Kano jump down atop the assassin and knock him out cold. Kano then picks him up, throws him over his shoulder and head towards the Town Hall. I pick up a wicked looking dagger that had been dropped during the assassins fall from the building.

Back at the Town Hall, I remove the all equipment from the assassin and check the prison cell before binding him up and locking him in. After this we assemble in the meeting room and Harbin enlightens the council members on the events of the evening and the proposition of deputising us to assist with removing the threat of the Redbrands. They all agree and Satanas explains to Sildar his role in guarding the Townmaster while we go and deal with the brigands. Sildar agrees to the plan.

though the fact Sildar had already lost one charge didn’t fill me with much confidence, but a man works with what he must (Satanas)

Reflecting upon whom the intended victim was for the deadly attack by the assassin, Satanas determines that the bolt was xxxxxxxx??? a real bolt shot from a ranged weapon (Note – the weapon has not yet been located). We assist in the writing up of the contract as local law and order enforcement officers against the Redbrands. Satanas requests no further compensation for assisting, while I on the other hand request a tithing of land (namely the ruined building of Tresander Manor).

I’ll give the halfling that one, that was smart (Satanas)

We also request food and lodging be absorbed by the township while they are dealing with the threat, as well as badges be made for each member for constabulary purposes. After signing the contract, we escort the council member’s home and come back to the Town Hall to interrogate the prisoners.

Sildar explains to us that he really works for the Lords Alliance Faction (Lords of Waterdeep), which help protect the interests of the Lords, from the shadows.

Christ on a Cross!!!! (Satanas)

He states he has been looking for a friend (also a member of the Lords Alliance Faction) who has not reported in for some time. He describes the man as a short, dark skinned, bearded man human wizard in his 30’s, named Iarno Albrek.

Upon hearing the description Harbin gasps as he recognises this to be a clear description of the leader of the Redbrands, the man known as Glasstaff. Sildar is shocked to learn that his friend has defected from the Lords Alliance and broken away to lead a local brigand group. (Note – There appears to be more to this scenario than a minor defection). Sildar makes a decision and offers us a reward of 200 gold for the removal of the Redbrands and dealing with Glasstaff – by any means necessary.

We begin the process of interrogating the Redbrand prisoner to discern more information on this rogue group. I do the questioning while Satanas plays the threatening overseer role.

who said I was playing (Satanas)

We are able to workout that the Redbrands hideout actually under the old ruins of Tresander Manor and that there is an entrance through the old basement cellar. After some more grilling the prisoner tells of another secret entrance through a cave in the forest. (Note – Carp should be able to provide more details)

After all questions, Satanas moves behind the prisoner, appearing ready to whisper something in his ear and instead goes to strike a quick blow, but Kano moves so fast that he shoves Satanas away. Kano shakes his head at Satanas and says “NO” with resounding firmness and conviction in his voice. The prisoner is none the wiser for what happened.

sigh….. gods how I hate Lawful people (Satanas)

Kano takes the prisoner back to his cell and tells Raiden that he wishes to speak to the Townmaster so that charges can be laid against the prisoner. As Kano walks back past the meeting room he tells the group that he will be pressing for a trial, looking directly at Satanas. Raiden and Kano go off to talk to the Townmaster, while Satanas and I move the prisoner cells to deal with the Redbrand with our own form of justice. (Note: not sure who advised of the death).

Upon hearing the news of the prisoner’s death, Kano goes immediately to the cells to determine how it happened. Kano tries to question the assassin, but he remains silent. Kano is not happy; he has his suspicions on exactly who did it.

like there was any doubt, but one thing about these Lawful types, no conviction without evidence. I don’t hold anything against Kano for his nature, he has shown himself to be useful, but no one stands in my way….never again! I was pleased with how pragmatic the halfling was… Maybe I was wrong about him being a no good shithead….(Satanas)


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