Stories from the Sword Coast

The Adventure Begins

Meet and Greet

The characters finally meet, and after introductions, the adventure is outlined. Gundren leaves with Sildar and the characters are left to their own devices for the night. Gambling (a cheater thrown out and a flop called Erik seen), sexy times, deep embarrassment and much laughter is had before hitting the road. On the way to the stables to collect the wagon and its driver, the characters come across a strange symbol drawn on a wall of an alley. It is the mark of the Cult of Asmodeus and as far as they can tell it is geniune and drawn in blood. Pazlo also finds a dice on the ground that looked surprisingly like one a cheat tried to use the night before in the gambling room before Pazlo had the guy thrown out for cheating! Does not look good for the missing cheater!

Once travelling the first night comes round and things almost fall apart as Kano attacks a traveler on the road during his watch. Before the characters are alerted and able to ‘take the creature down’ Kano and Satanas both fall and could die, before the lone Duergar is slain and the two stabilised. Pazlo searches the body of the Duergar and they start to wonder, why was a Duergar on the road, heading south without a care in the world? What can it mean? And why did the creature scream Asmodeus as it threw its weapon at Satanas?

Are leaving later the next morning the characters get to the Triboar Trail and head east and before long come across the Goblin Arrow’s encounter from the Lost Mine adventure. The Goblins are defeated with only Pazlo being hurt before the characters realise that the horses are indeed those of Gundren and his bodyguard Sildar. After much debate it is decided that the wagon and Walter will continue to Phandalin and the party will follow the trail and tracks Raiden has located.

From the Journal of Santanas

• While we were camped that night a duergar dwarf – known as the grey dwarves – attacked us. We manage to kill it but it dropped Kano and Satanas
• Seems the duergar is a part of the Asmodeus cult as he yelled that out. They speak language of the underground and dwarven. Asmodeus came to the duergar as a god to help overthrow their slavery. Asmodeus is the lord of the nine hells – who urges the dwarves towards greater acts of tyranny. Seems the coins he had on him were old. Pazlo believes maybe the duergar got the coins from the old ruined part of the city. Which could mean the cult is active in that part of the city also.
• Next day we are travelling and Raiden had gone ahead and scouted. He comes back and signals for us to come ahead. Seems he has found some dead horses that have black arrows in them. Satanas stays in the wagon readying his crossbow. Kano and Pazlo jump out of the wagon hurry ahead. The wagon keep moving slowly forward down the road.
• They see 2 goblins hiding in the bushes. Raiden falls over down the embankment. (Phillip rolled a crappy one)
• Pazlo stealth up behind one of the goblin and with his rapier decapitated the goblin.
• A goblin steps out and shoots Pazlo with a shortbow. Same black arrow that killed the horses. There ends up being 4 goblins and the group manages to kill all 4. Pazlo and Kano show themselves to be quite adapt at moving through quickly and quietly through the brush.
• Raiden locates a small trail that seems to be where one of the goblins was running towards.
• These goblins have another marking – different from the ones who captured Kano.
• We find an empty leather map case – it was Gundrens. Raiden manages to find two sets of tracks a human and a dwarf. They seem to lead towards the path.
• We decide to send Walter on ahead in the wagon, he is only an hour from the turnoff to the highway to the town. Once the horses are watered Walter sets out and we gather our gear and head towards the trail.


Novalar Novalar

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