Stories from the Sword Coast

On the Hunt

The Search for Spock... Gundren Style!

From the Journal of Pazlo Cobbletoes

The group follows a well-worn trail for approx. 3 miles, its late afternoon, and they navigate a number of rudimentary traps along the way. The group reaches a steady flowing stream, with thick brambles to the left and right and the only way forward leading to what appears to be a cave mouth where the stream flows from.

Kano and Pazlo scout each side of the stream. Pazlo note’s a trail further to the right of the cave entrance. Kano jumps across the stream to begin scouting the right hand side when he is shot at by some unseen attackers in the brambles. Kano lights the brambles, which begins smoking, and goes to ground in case of further attacks. Pazlo shoots an arrow into the thicket on the off chance he scores a lucky hit. Unfortunately Pazlo is shot by two arrows from some Goblin snipers that have come out from their hiding spot to the north, and is almost taken out by the surprise attack. Kano crawls up to intercept them along the edge of the thicket, while Pazlo drops back behind Raiden, who returns fire back at them and takes them down with the assistance of Kano.

Fortunately for the group the brambles have not gone up in flames and they decide to take a short rest to tend their wounds in the hideout area behind the thicket where the goblin snipers had taken shelter for their ambush. During the rest, 2 more goblins come out of the cave to relieve their companions. Satanas, smiling wickedly, tells the group he has a plan for these goblins and charms/intimidates them into thinking he is an all and great powerful demon. He appears very convincing and extracts a lot of information on the number of goblins in the cave (10 in total), who is held prisoner (a human in the eating room, but no dwarf…hmmm) and who is in charge (Klarg). Indicating to the group, that their worth is quickly coming to an end, Satanas moves closer to one of the goblins with a dagger ready behind his back and strikes mercilessly into its neck, while Pazlo fires an arrow at the other and misses badly. It turns to run in panic and is shot down by Raiden.

The group decides discusses its strategy from here and plan on moving into the cave complex before any alarm can be raised on the non-return of their comrades.
On the way into the cave entrance, Pazlo determines that the water level of the stream appears lower than normal levels (it’s either a very dry season in the mountain or something could be blocking it). The group move in cautiously and come across a room to their right with 3 wolves, which are held back by pitons in the ground. Kano notes a large refuse pile in the back of this room and upon further investigation identifies a hole in the ceiling which is obviously used as a refuse chute for the local inhabitants. Satanas decides to cut up the goblins and feed them to the wolves to keep them sated while the group scouts the remainder of the complex.

The group moves slowly further in, with no other light source, than from the remaining daylight coming from the cave mouth behind them. Raiden takes point/scout position and moves further up the passage way and notes movement up on a bridge that spans across stream, approximately 20 feet higher than their current level within the cave. Kano decides to jump in the stream and climb the bridge to gain an advantage over the goblin scout. Both Raiden and Satanas miss with their attempts to fire at the sentry, while Pazlo scores a freak shot and takes it down at the same time as Kano jumps up on the bridge to determine where it is.

Move to room where there are 3 goblins. Satanas moves in and casts distracting sounds to cause confusion amongst the goblins. He also creates a light source, from an existing campfire in the room, which gives the group a surprise round on the goblins. We take them out quickly.

There are 2 other exits from this room (one leading to the bridge across the stream and the another room to the south) The group decides to clear the area this side of the bridge thinking it would be wiser to leave no enemies behind them. Raiden spots 2 goblins and a Bugbear (group assumes Klarg)

  • In discussion with the group Satanas plans to run the same scenario of demon power play again to gain coercion over the Bugbear.
  • Satanas moves in while Pazlo and Raiden stealth in behind, ready with their bows. The group also sees a wolf standing behind the Bugbear.
  • Satanas again is very convincing playing the role, however Klarg is not intimidated in the slightest and tells his minions to kill him.
  • The large wolf jumps at Satanas and almost knocks him down. Paz and Raiden shoot the wolf.
  • Satanas casts a spread of fire (burning hands) and obliterates the wolf and the 2 goblin minions.
  • Big fight with Klarg. Klarg tries to flee after being bested. Kano knocks him away from the refuse chute and we group together to take him down.
  • Satanas cuts off Klarg’s head and bags it.

Phat loot!

  • Klargs chest has a Jade Frog with tiny golden orbs (30-40g), 2 Red Potions (Paz and Satanas), 600CP (150ea), 110SP (27ea)
  • 7 pieces of artwork (25g each) – 10 (gold locket with painted portrait – quest item), 8 (small mirror set in painted wooden frame – Satanas ), 2 × 2* (Small miniature bones figurines – set), 9 (embroidered silk handkerchief – Raiden), 4 (cloth gold vestments – Kano), 7 (bone dice – Pazlo).
  • Drop dead goblins down chute. Move across the bridge.
  • Find a room with 4 goblins and a human captive. The human is tied up at the back of cavern on a partial raised area with one goblin on close guard.
  • Satanas again use his demon power play tactic and pulls out the head of Klarg in a display that completely makes the goblins subservient to him.

The other goblin on guard near the human is not intimidated and wants the power of the goblin clan for himself. We kill it before it can do any harm to the human. Satanas extracts more information from the goblins. King Grol is behind the abduction of our missing dwarf friend, Gundren and resides in a place called Cragmaw Castle. The black Spider has paid for King Grol to capture the dwarf and his map of the mine. A large goblin patrol had taken the dwarf to Cragmaw Castle, about an hour before we arrived in the cave.

  • Obtained basic directions to Cragmaw Castle (20 miles NE in Neverwinter Wood)
  • Gundren’s wagon was moved on to the Castle with the patrol.
  • We kill the goblins and feed them to the wolves as well.
  • Group takes a long rest in Klarg’s room.
  • Human (Sildar) shares some information (didn’t get many notes on this) – He is a member of the Griffon Cavaliers from Waterdeep.
  • We escort the human to Phandalen.
  • Group pays homage at the Shrine of Luck in their own individual ways.
  • We notice, near the stables, that the wagon has made it to Phandalen safely.
  • Note – a group known as the Redbrands are keeping their own version of local law and order – must look into this.
  • The acolyte bless’ the group – get +1
  • We go to the Stonehill Inn where we are to meet up with Walter (the wagon driver)
  • Name of the tavern owner is Toblen.

From the Infernal Journal of Satanas

I decide that we will rescue Gundren. I send the others ahead to scout and we find the enclave of the Kobolds. I manage to bend a number of the stupid creatures to my will and we move through and find their leader Klarg. With my great power I destroy him utterly, but not before I am attacked and almost killed by one of their savage massive wolves that the others couldn’t protect me from. The kobolds finally realise the utter stupidity of not taking my powers seriously. As a side note Kano did well as did the midget and the hunter. (Except for not stopping that wolf)

While we did rescue Gundren’s bodyguard Sildar Hallwinter, I did learn from the Kobolds that Gundren has been taken to Cragmaw Castle. (no one seemed to understand my comment about Hallwinter perhaps not being the best bodyguard considering he was saved and his charge was not ?!?) It seems someone known as “the spider” (a spy/traitor) from Neverwinter has paid King Gol for the capture of Gundren and his map. It was a large Kobold patrol that took Gundren to Cragmaw. In the end we decide to head to Phandalen.

When it is all said and done I realised if the gods has thrown a different cast of the dice Kano would probably be weeping uncontrollably and in the process of sorrowfully conducting my burial. After much thought and meditation I finally came to the realisation it is my “luck” or “fate” that has saved me time and time again. And while to this point in my life I have not felt the urge to worship any god, when I saw that shrine to Tymora in Phandalen I knew it was a sign. If I am every going to realise my goal I will need to cultivate as much of this “luck\fate” as I can.

GM NOTE – its all about Satanas! Do the others realise this???

GM NOTE 2 – further updates still to come but this an overview of what happened from player notes.


Novalar Novalar

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