Tiefling Sorcerer


Tall and well built, red demon skin, blazing yellow eyes, small horns and long ink black hair. There is no mistaking Satanas is a tiefling. Normally wearing a dark robe with the hood pulled up, Satanas is clearly some type of scholar, wizard, or priest but oddly has a crossbow slung over his back. He projects an aura of power, and speaks in a low deep voice. When he talks Satanas projects a faint tone of arrogance, the makes the listener feel like they should be on their knees giving thanks Satans has deemed them worthy enough to speak to.

Satanas knows Gundren Rockseekeras from Gundren selling Satanas some minor tomes and maps, and Santanas doing the dwarf some minor courier services. Satanas has always felt Gundren has dealt with him fairly so the tiefling is happy to work with the dwarf again if the opportunity presents itself.


Satanas’ tale is of two lives. Before the pact, and after.

In his first life the tiefling grew up as in a small farming village in the world of men, dwarves, elves. Different name, no family, no skill or trade, and no future. The tiefling was always an outcast, always mistrusted. He was barely more than an animal, stealing or begging for food. The villagers hated him, despised him. But due to their deep rooted superstitions they would not kill the “demon spawn” for fear it would release the demon spirit from the tiefling and kill the whole village. But he was shunned by all. The only person who showed the tiefling any kindness was Gerd the village baker. While Gerd was a good hearted soul, he was basically a coward and feared what the villagers would do to him if they found him helping the demon spawn. But despite that, Gerd made sure the young tiefling wouldn’t starve, though out of fear he wouldn’t do much else.

When the tiefling came of age, he would wander in the hills and forests of the surrounding area. One day he came upon a most strange sight. In the woods was a robed figure standing in a circle chanting. The tiefling lay rooted to the spot riveted by what he was seeing. At the crescendo of the chanting by the robed figure a great green light sprang up and out of the light a huge ten foot tall demon appeared. The tiefling wasn’t sure what he was seeing, but it seemed the demon and the robed figure were struggling in some contest of dominance. After a short while the robed figure fell to the ground and the demon proceeded to devour him. The tiefling screamed at this, thinking he was next and this allowed the demon to notice him. But it seemed the tiefling was safe as the demon could not break out of the circle.

The demon called the tiefling over to talk, and against his better judgement he complied. Once the tiefling got over his initial shock he found himself enjoying conversing with the demon. The tiefling wasn’t sure if the demon had cast a spell on him, or if the tiefling felt some kinship to the demon but the young tiefling opened up to the demon. Most likely because this was the first time anyone had ever just talked to the tiefling. When the light of dawn started to appear the demon offered the tiefling a deal. Break the circle and release him and in return the demon would bestow upon the tiefling true power. But there was a catch. While the tiefling would have power in this life, when it ended his soul would belong to the demon.

It was not a hard decision for the tiefling …. the pact was made.

The demon who called itself Abaddon, performed the ritual that bound the tiefling soul to him, and spoke the words of power and gave the tiefling his true name which the tiefling knew had to remain secret lest it be used against him. Then he felt pain, wracking pain that came from within his core, and from this pain the tiefling passed out. When he awoke the demon was gone, but the tiefling felt different. He felt this wellspring of power within his being, also things seemed clearer, easier to understand, to reason. The tiefling to this day doesn’t know if Abaddon either gave him power he never rightly had, or if the demon just released a seal that allowed the young tiefling to access his own power. But either way the tiefling now felt true power.

The young tiefling returned to the village. And the closer he got to it, the more he could feel the hot fire of revenge burn within him. For the first time the tiefling stood up for himself. He cured the villagers for their treatment of him, and when one drew a weapon, the tieflings rage took over, and with his new power he killed all those standing before him. The tiefling moved through the village burning and killing as he went, not feeling an ounce of regret, pouring out over 15 years of torment in one epic act. It was only when he reached the bakers shop and saw Gerd cowering in the corner that someone finally touched the tiefling. He ceased his path of destruction, and in a cold voice told Gerd he would spare his life in return for what Gerd had done for the tiefling. But the told Gerd the debt was now paid. And with those words the tiefling fled the village, and when the fires had died down and the dead had been tallied, in the one destructive act the tiefling had burned down over half the village and killed over half the population.

The tieflings second life is a life of discovery and learning.

With his new found power and intelligence the tiefling started to learn. Both of knowledge, power and of the world around him. He realised his appearance made people fearful of him, and he learned how to use that fear to get what he wanted. In this vein he took the name Satanas and travelled from place to place, learning, absorbing growing in power.

He still distrusts people in general, and if necessary will hurt or kill to get what he wants. But he find no pleasure in hurting the innocent. He has no taste to doing to others what was once done to him. On the other hand those who seek to bully the tiefling, these he takes particular enjoyment in making them feel pain.

As time went by Santanas learnt as much about his heritage and demon lore that he could. And the more he learned the more he started to fear. What would happen to his soul when he finally died. How would he handle the eons of service is soul would give to Abaddon. This thought would make his soul shrivel in fear, and make him wake in the middle of the night in cold sweats. For years Satanas researched this and in the end he came to the only decision he could. Santanas would find a way to find Abaddon, and kill him. But to do that Satanas would need to become powerful, powerful enough to be able to defeat a demon on its own plane. So he started researching in earnest, seeking out places of power, lost knowledge, items of power. Anything that could give him an edge. He knows this will be a long road. But what other choice does he have.

And the more he learnt, the more powerful he started to become. And the more he interacted with others the more he realised just how much they feared him. Satanas developed a swagger, an arrogance, as he realised he WAS better then these people. And he promised himself he would never be helpless again.


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