Pazlo Cobbletoes

Halfling Rogue


Pazlo is fairly nondescript, at least as far as Halflings go. His sandy-brown hair is full of curly locks and he has a youthful face that is clean shaven, with round cherubic cheeks. He stands a mere 3’2, though this is above average for his race, his body is thin and lithe. His eyes are a bright blue and his skin is slightly tanned.

Pazlo is somewhat atypical compared to many Halflings. He is not often jovial, nor does he readily accept the company of others (until he has gained their trust). He has problems trusting people – thanks in no small part to a betrayal by someone very close to him. However he does share the Halfling’s love of fine food, drink, and comfort, and he will go out of his way to find such things if the opportunity presents itself. Also, on the other hand, if one were to get in the Halfling’s good graces, they would find in him a reliable friend.

He is fond of gambling, good with a rapier and even mightier with his charming and innocent baby faced appearances.


From a very young age Pazlo grew up with adventure and wonderment in his eyes. Constantly traveling with his family in a gypsy community he was always getting into mischief and strife. He followed his older brother Jackro everywhere and learnt how to find trouble easily. The Cobbletoes brothers were well known within their Halfling gypsy community for their youthful exuberance and promiscuous pranks. They were commonly disruptive and dang right nuisances at times, but very well loved by one and all.

It was a sad day when they decide to leave the community and strike out for themselves in the port city of Luskan (the City of Sails) on the Sword Coast. They continued their troublesome exploits on the local market vendors and regular patrons of the city, where on one particular occasion, whilst distracting a jewellery vendor and pocketing the trinkets, they caught the eye of the local Thieves Guild.

The Cobbletoes were invited to join the Guild on the basis that they could continue to exploit the locals as long as a fair tribute of the takings was made to the Guildmaster. They accepted with delight, knowing that this was forever their calling, honing their abilities of stealth, deception and sleight of hand and working in tandem with each other, a single key strength of their bond.

The years were great for the Cobbletoes brothers, living a life of luxury (not pompus in anyway) but a very comfortable lifestyle with good food and wine, all made from their hard work (or handiwork, depends on how you wish to view it) and the strong ties to the Guild. All was great, until the day Pazlo lost his brother. It was a heist, like any other in the port city, to steal a particular shipment from a very wealthy businessman at the local docks that was being housed in an abandoned warehouse. The Cobbletoes brothers staked it out as part of their normal routine and even paid off a worker to get insight into the layout of the place. Still Pazlo had a bad feeling something wasn’t quite right. They sought their entry through the roof and made it easily to the top without being seen. Pazlo checked for all signs of traps, but couldn’t find anything. However he could not get over the nagging feeling something wasn’t quite right, when his brother had already started to open a window and was hit by a small piercing dart. He fell back from the window and Pazlo quickly scooped him up and moved him away to a secure spot on the roof. He was already foaming at the mouth and Pazlo could tell it was a deadly poison, as it was working so fast that there was no way a tourniquet was going to help. Pazlo didn’t know what to say. All he could do was cradle him and say “I’m sorry” repeatedly. His brother died in his arms that night and all because (so he believed) of his mistake in not detecting the trap.

Not long after his brother’s death, Pazlo decided to leave Luskan (albeit in a hurry – that’s another story) to start a new life, applying his trade and professional skills in a much quieter and less obscure part of the world, Neverwinter.

Pazlo Cobbletoes

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