Stories from the Sword Coast

A Brief Interlude

The Journal of Satanas

• Rescuing Kano from Goblins
• Chicken Foot – left to right claws black, white, and red. Goblin tribe that caught Kano
• They are further north, has dealings with gnolls
• I freed Kano from the goblins by doing an Obi-Wan
• Gauntlyngrim – ancient dwarven city in area. Seems Gundren and his brothers are searching for it. Brothers are Tharden and Nundro.
• The dwarves are miners, traders, warriors.
• They have a homestead about 5 miles of north of Neverwinter that was once a quarry.
• We do a couple of jobs, trading goods to the goblins for the dwarves
• Wave echo cave – Place where dwarves and humans built something (seems to be a mine) – in there is something called the forge of spells. Near a town called Phandalin. – We have made a deal that if I find forge then will involve dwarves and vice versa.
• Gundren has told me, I should be ok in Neverwinter. Gundren seems to frequent the “Forge and Hammer” in Neverwinter.
• We reach the forge and hammer
• Sildar Hallwinter – Human – Gundren companion and bodyguard for this job. Symbol on his old uniform – some sort of animal with wings
• We have met Pazlo, Gundren has headed down to Phandalin. Our job is to escort a wagon of supplies. McClintock stables has the wagon.
• We meet the 4th of our group a wood elf. Raiden. Seems to be a hunter or ranger.
• Joe (cook) at Forge and Hammer.
• Get some travel packs made up for Kano and Satanas
• Satanas checks out Pazlo gambling. Pazlo wins some gold and manages to catch a cheater who with quick movements reveals the cheater to the bouncer.
• Satanas find a room in the inn that is a bordello and drug smoking room. Satanas pops his cherry.

Leave the next morning going via back alleys and lead by Pazlo as he seems to know his way around the city. Come across a killing – seems a cult (Asmodeus) is killing innocents – I think it is like Goblin ritual he saw as a prisoner before being taken to a Gnoll. Probably the same Cult which means Asmodeus. Kano thinks the sacrifice was human blood.
• Pazlo finds something on the ground and picks it up and says for investigation later.

We arrive at McClintock’s – Walter McClintock, he is driving the wagon. His brother who works their also is Albert. We depart. Albert does the books.
• We see part of the ruined city. Seems there are ruined library and areas in the old city. City has only been repopulated for the last 5 years or so.
• While having lunch I transcribe the drawing of the cult Kano took.
• Kano looks for a piece of wood to carve.
• We decide to rest for the night with Kano on the first watch.


Novalar Novalar

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