Welcome to the Sword Coast!

Neverwinter… once ‘the Jewel of the North’, now it is a city tittering on the edge. Under the rulership of Lord Neverember (who is also the open Lord of Waterdeep) the city has slowly started to rebuild but danger lurks everywhere.

The Job
You have all been asked to come to the ‘Forge and Hammer’ (a local inn) by your patron and friend, Gundren Rockseeker (dwarf). Gundren has helped you all out in the past and he has asked you to do a job for him. The job is pretty simple; escort a wagon full of supplies to the township of Phandalin, located a few days travel to the south. Gundren explains that he is going to meet you all at Phandalin as he is going ahead with his warrior \ bodyguard, Sildar Hallwinter, as he has some important business to complete before you arrive. Once you get the wagon and its cargo safely to Phandalin you are to take it to the trading post ’Barthen’s Provisions’ where you will be paid the balance of the gold for this simple job. The wagon is located at McClintock Stables and will be ready to go in the morning where your will also meet your wagon driver.

What could possibly go wrong?

Welcome to my 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game set in the Sword Coast of the Forgotten Realms. I will be using the adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver and material found in the 4th Edition Neverwinter source book as the back drop of this campaign.

Stories from the Sword Coast

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